Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Flower Feet & Hi Lo Hem!

Greetings Glamour Gals!

It is Wednesday and I can honestly say that this week is going by quickly.  I hope you all can say the same thing.  If not...hang in there! 

Y'all...this is gonna be a lengthy post so hang with me for a minute.

As you all know the floral prints and the hi-lo hems are trending.  So I was really excited when I found two of these items at two separate times that were great trendy pieces and not a boatload of money and they go well together.
It is all about the skirt and the shoes!

 Can you believe this is not a dress but a skirt and tank top from Target!  I was in Target minding my own business and the skirt said "Hey Gurl!"  I went over to it to scoop it up and the tank got a lil jealous so I had to take it home with me too.  Seriously though, Target has them in a few shades and so conveniently have the matching tanks. So you can buy them matching to make it look like a dress or buy each piece in two different colors and color block!

The shoes are Michael Antonio Tahoe that I got on sale via Hautelook!  When I saw them I felt like singing a Jill Scott song...

"hot as the summer and sweet as the first kiss...I need you!"

Mmm..mmm.mmm...I need you!, I decided to participate in the Big Fat Summer Challenge with a few other fabulous bloggers.  It is being hosted by Jasifers Lion's Club.  If you take a look at the items on the list, this will definitely pull me out of my comfort zone but it shall be fun.

 I am marking the hi-lo hem off the list!  I wore this outfit on Monday with the intentions of posting today before I had any knowledge of the challenge so this was great timing!

I wish the hem translated to the pictures a little better but I think you all get it.

So this is how I wore this outfit to work.  I will switch up on another day and wear it as weekend wear without the cardigan.  It makes for a comfy and breezy outfit.
My Marilyn Monroe moment!  Kudos to my son for catching it.
Ohh, diva!
Taking pics, Such a queen, check up on my lipstick
Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe
I like the beat of that song...don't judge me.
Tank Top, Skirt & Belt: Target   Cardigan: K&G Bag: Thrifted
Shoes: Michael Antonio Tahoe via Hautelook 
Get them at Endless
or Amazon



Rolled Up Pretty

Thanks gals for hanging with me.  I had much going on in this one post.
Stay fly and stay tuned!


  1. Are Michael Antonio shoes comfy for u??? Those shoes are soooooo purtttttyyyy!

    1. Hey there...thank you. I had some in the past that aren't but the two recent pair I have are comfy.

  2. love the dress on you! :) adore the color too! woho, looking fierce, so excited to see what youll be wearing next! xoxo

  3. I thought I was the only one that went in stores minding my business and the clothes and shoes started talking to me! Girl!! I love this Hi-Lo hem look on you. I have to try one of these for myself. Target, I'm coming to see you soon lol

    Lookin FAB =)

  4. Ok, ok, okkkk Hott Mama them last 2 poses are everything!!!! I see u got your Marilyn Monroe on!!!!! Lol!!!!
    And, yes you ad me fooled I just knew this was a dress... Target has some really cute pieces!!!! Love how u paired it with the floral shoes!!!! ;-)

  5. Pretty shoes! The skirt and tank does look like a dress; very nice! :)

  6. Tavia, I love this entire outfit!!! She shoes are fabulous and you chose the perfect color for your skirt and tank. I've been contemplating the hi-lo hem and I haven't decided if I like it on me...though it seems to look very nice on other folks. I'm also contemplating taking this challenge. Man...all except maybe two of those items would push me waaaaay out of my comfort zone. I don't even know what a bodycon is! lol

  7. These photos are so great! Good for you for listening to those clothes calling to you from the racks. Otherwise they might end up as orphans or something.
    You look especially beautiful here!

  8. I will be at Target trying to find this outfit, It looks very chic and classic
    Great job on matching it up , you are rockin it .

  9. I have become quite a "hi-lo" fashion fan. The colour looks amazing on you. I love it with the belt as well. xx

  10. Ok! I was thinking dress...those shoes are EverYThinG!!!!

  11. Those shoes those shoes those shoes!!! Love the entire look!

  12. ok are the reason i was in Target today buying that animal print belt you had on a couple of outfits ago! so now i guess i gotta go back and see if one of these skirts speaks to me like this one spoke to you.

    loving the look, Ma! you wear your clothes with such confidence.

  13. Ohh Tavia, the color of that dress is so pretty. On my screen it looks like a plum color and so does your lipstick. Gorgeous!
    We've got to meet up before this summer is over and do some thrifting! Would love to chronicle that day in a post!

  14. Love the "dress"! I tried on the same skirt at Tarjay the other day and PASSED on it, but i think the sweatshirt i wws wearing was throwing it off. Must go back and purchase (now that i see it rocked properly).

  15. Gorgeous!! very cute heels!!!! xox

  16. Those shoes are a win!!!!

  17. Love this outfit and those shoes are fierce.. #Gorgeous

  18. I love this look and the shoes are awesome!

  19. You are absolutely correct-these two trends do look hot together. There is no way on earth you can convince me that this is a skirt and a tank-separately. They match so well. I never noticed that Target did that.


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