Monday, April 15, 2013

Not So Little Anymore...

Happy Monday Fashion Friends!

I apologize in advance for the picture heavy post.

Over the weekend we had a Hollywood style (red carpet, paparazzi and all) celebration for my niece's 13th Birthday.  As most of you know I wasn't blessed with a little girl so I enjoy watching Ms. Ady blossom in to the fabulous fashionista that she is.

One of my presents to her was to take out on a fashion photo shoot to culminate the "Hollywood" themed birthday party she had the day before.  So yesterday we went to one of the neighborhood parks and did the shoot.  Here are the pictures. 

Ady is a very good girl and always has been. She is well mannered and well behaved. This day and age children are so in a rush to be grown. One of the things I love about her is the fact that the innocence is still there.

This is why I had a hard time with the fingernails but I got over 

She loooovvvvess her Hello Kitty.
 Suit: Thrifted  Wedge Sneakers: Leather Man


Not a little girl anymore...

Who am I kidding...Not so little anymore but still a girl.

All in all, she is growing up to be a beautiful young lady!

Happy Birthday to my Adygirl!!
Love, AuntT
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mixed Prints feat. Printed Denim

Happy Spring!

She sure took her time getting here.  As I stated in my last post...I was seriously not motivated to go out in the cold to snap some pictures.  I know I do it during the Winter but my body has already come out of winter mode.  I was refusing to go out and shiver for a few minutes.  Call me a bad blogger if you wanna but I just couldn't do it. So, Hello Spring!  Even though I don't think you will stick around long...Summer is coming to visit today.

So I made it no secret that I started this blog because I needed some "umph" to my style.  I figured it would help me step out and grow to try some different things.  I am so pleased with my growth.  But all in all, I am soooo grateful for my fellow bloggers who challenge me to step out of my fashion comfort zone.  Fist bump to you all!

I would have NEVER worn anything close to this  a couple years ago.  Not only would I wear it now but I am comfy doing it.  I mean really...MIXED PRINTS?!?  Yep...this type of outfit has taken residence in my comfort zone.  I know it is not for everyone but I tell you what...It is soooo fun to wear!

Now let's talk about the printed denim...on these thighs?!?  And you know it!  lol.   Some time ago, never would I put anything on my legs to bring attention to the fact that they are not modelesque.  But the fact that I am OK with print on my legs now opens up a whole new world.

So when I walked into to Target these jeans jumped out at me and I said to myself "what the heck...let's do this!"  *Side note*  When I go to Target, I have to force myself not to go anywhere near the women's clothes.  I will always find something...umm...more like several things.  OK...back to the jeans.  I love the edgy print and if you need to do something different these will definitely get the job done.

My espadrille wedges get replaced in my shoe collection every couple of years because in or out of style,  I wear the heck out of them.  After wearing boots all winter the are a great transition shoe and great when you need your toes done. *wink*

Printed Jeans, Stripe Tank, & Wedges: Target  Blazer: JCP
I will say that if you do decided to step out of your comfort zone in your fashion choices, you have to do it with confidence. If you are uncomfortable it will show and it will not work.  Ever notice a young lady tugging at her short skirt constantly?  Get my drift?  Has blogging helped your style to evolve?

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