Monday, August 6, 2012

I Feel Like A Woman!

Happy Monday Beautiful Ones!

Ever been extremely happy and for no particular reason?  This is what I feel today.  Granted, the fact that I woke up this morning with breath in my lungs, activity of my limbs and in my right mind is enough; don't get me wrong but beyond that, I am extra happy!  And no it isn't the fruit loops.  All I can say is... 

Before I get into the featured outfit of this post, I want to beg humbly ask for your votes.  As you know, I completed the Big Fat Summer Challenge and now the poll is open.  I would truly appreciate each and every one of your votes.  The poll is HERE,  You can vote daily until August 12th.  I appreciate you all and good luck to all the participants!

Alright y'all this is what I call my grown woman outfit. 

I call it that because as soon as I put it on, I actually felt like the 38 year old woman that I am.

See, my secret is I struggle with certain things I wear because I feel like I don't look like a grown woman.  I sometimes feel like the next woman and I could have on a the same outfit but I somehow will make it look immature.  I think it is because of a baby face I used to have that I think has finally aged a little bit.  Somewhere there is a screw loose in my head. I

But this outfit somehow didn't leave me feeeling like that...

Dress and Vest: Thrifted    Shoes: Guess   Clutch & Jewlery: NYC vendor

I have been loving this vest and putting some major use to it. 
You've seen it twice before here and here where I dressed it down.
Gotta love remixing items in your closet to get maxium use of your wardrobe.

Again...please visit the BFSC polls and vote for me!
Or just vote for someone all the
participants did a fabulous job!

Thanks for your votes and as always thanks for stopping by!
Stay fly and stay tuned!


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