Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vivacious Vixen Alert!!! OOTN

Well...this is my first official post of the New Year, so...Happy New Year to all of you that I haven't spoken to yet.  I wish you all happiness, good health, peace and blessings in 2012!

I would also like to welcome my new followers.  I appreciate all of you who find me remotely interesting.  You rock!

I didn't want to go so long in between my outfit posts but I only take pics on the weekends and my photographer went to visit his nana over the holiday break.  The boys came back the day before the break was over and this weekend was the first opportunity to go out and get some pics done.  I've missed posting but I think I am back on a posting 2-3 times a week schedule :-)

Now on to the outfit the night!  I went to an All Black Affair last night to celebrate a friend entering the 40/40 club and this is what I wore. know that outfit that you have that have you feelin' some kind of good all night?  We all have them right?  Well this was it! I felt like a vivacious vixen but I assure you I remained on my best behavior all night.  I promise you, I did!  Insert evil grin here_____

Not big on feather earrings but I tried different earrrings and these were the ones that worked the best.

The Vivacious Vixenous Ensemble:
Skirt: Thirfted $4.99
Red Petticoat: DIY
Lace Top: Target (approx 10 yrs ago)
Corset Belt: Ashley Stewart
Fishnets: Target
Booties: Go Jane
Clutch: Leather Man
Red Pinlet: Bracelet made of safety pins by my mom
Black Arm Party
Feather Earrings: Streets Vendor in NYC

Thanks for visting!
Stay fly and stay tuned!


  1. Welcome back hun!!!

    I love this!!! Diva mode!!! Sassy but classy!


  2. yes ILIVE hunny your were def a vixen in that and i love your hair!


  4. Vixen alert is right!! I know hubby was out with you when you wore this, right?!! Gurl, you are FIRE in this outfit! Love it from top to bottom!

  5. "Diva" INDEED! This outfit is like punk rock meets super glam fairy! In many situations it could be disastrous but YOU ROCKED IT! I see sparks of fierceness flying everywhere! Oh, and Happy 2012 to you as well!

  6. I LOVE the earrings with the updo. Glad you opted to wear them. That skirt is awesome. Super sassy!

    With Class & Sass,

  7. Vivacious Vixen is right! You are rocking this look for really real. Love it....head to toe. No doubt I am sure you were on girl scout behavior the entire night....#wink wink.....

  8. You look amazing..lovely outfit & color combo! Thanks for the tag it was fun answering the questions!

  9. ohhh MY word!!! You look ready to handle trouble but SEXY with it!!! WERK TAVIA!! I love this!!!

    E. Louise

  10. You betta WERK girl! L O V E!

    Welcome back!!


  11. Well Happy New Years to you!!! Love the outfit.

  12. I love how you added red to your outfit. Your hair is fab! Happy New Year to you as well.

  13. Amazing look Dear lovin the corset

  14. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww nobody in the whole world is hotter and more gorgeous than you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I am drooling all ove your outfit, and your fearlessness.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your loved ones, too.

  15. Girl you look Spicy!!! lol Hot momma!

  16. Tavia, this outfit is the bomb diggity. I can't believe you thrifted that skirt for 4.99. You really put it together here. Only you could pull of those earrings...amazing look. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  17. you look great ! I love your outfit : )

    xoxo, Shariece

  18. And this is the outfit that spoke to me the most. WOW!! I am im love with it and perhaps it because its so edgy and I love an outfit with edgyness, but you are rockin it and its inspiring


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