Tuesday, January 10, 2012

EBEW: Black & White...w/ Some PYTHON!

*Updated 1/17/12*
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Well alright alright!  How y'all doin?
Today's outfit post is for my link up with everyone at Everybody Every Wear! 
As you can see, this month's challenge is Black and White.  Now I know I mentioned it before, but I LOVE wearing black and white.  So needless to say I was excited to participate.  Talk about an easy challenge.  I previously did a post wearing black and white HERE, and it is one of my faves.  Black and white almost always turns out to be such a classic look.  If you don't believe me, click the link below to head over to EBEW and you will see exactly what I am talking about.  Those ladies are looking gorgeous!  In my outfit here, I decided to focus on the white with a touch of black and python.  I truly adore wearing white, I always feel so fresh and so clean, clean! (OutKast, circa 2000) That's until I rub up against something and then be mad about it for the rest of the day!  UGH! *breathe*

 ...I'm dressed so fresh and so clean...so fresh and so clean, clean!  *side note*  I love OutKast :-)

Image 3723

I know most of my fellow bloggers will not crucify me for wearing white pants this time of year because most of you are rule breakers too! *wink*  Let's tell the fashion police what's up!  What do they know?

So I got this bag over the holiday break and couldn't wait to carry it but opted to wait until I found the right shoes.  Did I find the right ones? 

The 'so Fresh & so Clean' Fit:
Sweater: Thrifted $2.99
Black Blouse: Burlington
Pants: Thrifted $4.99
Shoes: Move Over by Chinese Laundry via Amazon
they are cheaper at 6pm but they didn't have my size...boo!
Belt: Burlington
Purse: Charming Charlie ( I love this store)
Fishnets: Target
Watch: Ashley Stewart
Necklace: Streets of NYC
Random Bangles
Sunnies: Kenneth Cole Reaction

Thank you for visiting.
Stay fly and stay tuned!


  1. Ok...I'm totally droolin' over those shoes & purse. You look AMAZE!!



  2. Loving the matching shoes & purse!!!


  3. Wow you look amazingggggg!! I love the pop of blue in your shoes and bag! I definitely think you found the right shoes to match your bag! And I cant believe those pants were thrifted...they fit you so well. I have such a hard time thrifting jeans. :sigh:


    P.S. please share what program you use to do your picture collage. its so creative!

  4. Them shoes are bangin!! Nice outfit.

  5. I see you TAVIA!!!!! U betta werk chica!!!!

    Shoes & Purse is the icing on the CAKE! *SWEET*

  6. The white looks great on you.

  7. Black is my color! ....yes you did find the righg shoes. You working it!

  8. Love the shoes and even more so how they match the bag!

  9. Owwww! Lovely....but just know I'm coming to get those shoes!!!! LOL!

  10. Now you know you killed it right!?!?! Come on Tavia!! Get'em gurl!! Side note: I love Outkast too! #Southernplayalistic ;)


  11. Girl, you are just killing us with these looks. L O V E the shoes and bag! There was so much color in both accessories that I didn't even notice the white. Great inspiration!

  12. Those shoes remind me of a mermaid! =)


  13. Me loves this outfit mama... it is FIYA!!! And those shoes... you already know!!! Thanks for your kinds words... believe it or not... they really helped :)


  14. LOVING LOVING LOVING this outfit!!! def workin those shoes!!!


  15. Great look! Your shoes and bag are fab! I once snuck around a pair of strappy high heels in the exact pattern of that bag, adoring them. They were a little too high and a little off-sized for me so I didn't buy them. But I still think about them every now and then ;-)

  16. thanks for stopping by my blog the other day
    i have to say i love the name of your blog :)
    such a great outfit
    i love that you used white as the dominate color

  17. i like how you choose to do mostly white for this challenge! good stuff...

  18. The bag and those shoes....fierce!

  19. Absolutely love your shoes and bag. Perfect for your black and white outfit. Clean and chic. :)

    Cathy@Golden Globe 2012 Fashion Favorites


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