Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Color Blocked Stripes: BFSC!

Hola Chicas and Chicos!

It has been a little longer than I would have liked since my last post but I was away at my family reunion in Myrtle Beach, SC.  It was a great time reconnecting with family and get away on a mini vacay.

Continuing on down the stretch of Jasifer's Big Fat Summer Challenge, I wanted to mark bodycon off the list.

Wow...almost finished.  It has been fun!  That teenie weenie bikini is coming soon y'all!

OK back to the skirt.  I've worn this skirt several times. I posted it here and I decided to remix it.

Jacket: Dots  Bodycon skirt: Thrifted  Shell: Kmart  Shoes:  GoJane  Accessories: Flea Market

This pic is such a bad angle but I'm using it anyway.

In the spirit of the bodycon and keeping up with the purpose of this challenge which is too help us out of our comfort zones and to show others that plus size women can tactfully wear alot of the items on this list, here is another pic of me wearing a striped bodycon skirt from a previous post.

Thank you all for stopping by!
Stay fly and stay tuned!


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  1. Those colors are FABULOUS on you!! You are working that skirt Miss Ma'am!!

    I am a curvy gurl, and I rocks my body-con loud and proud!!

  2. OOOH girl! I am loving this outfit. Love the mix of colors and stripes. Great outfit. You almost done with the challenge I see. Nice. I waiting on that 2 piece bikini too :-P.
    I may have to do a style inspiration on this post. You look fab!!


  3. Cute cute cute. I'm getting more into this style of skirt/dress too now.

  4. You aced it with both looks girl!

  5. You look good girl, You should wear bodycon skirts more often! I love your look, those shoes are so cute!! You are stunning <3

    Please follow back at http://allofthatgoodstuff.blogspot.ca/

  6. You look fantastic in these 2 outfits Tavia!

  7. Go aHEAD with those blue multi shoes girl!! LOVE them! That orange, black and white out is screaming style diva! :)

    Loving it!!

  8. Fantastic looks, Tavia - I love the body conscious skirts, that you wear with confidence and style. Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday : >

  9. Girl you look amazing! Love both looks - you rock that pencil skirt like nobody's business. ;) Awesome.

  10. It's ALWAYS a good thing to get away with the family! Now gimme those shoes & that blazer!!!! Looking good Sis!!!!


  11. Hot as usual!! You never disappoint!

  12. tavia this is HOT! those shoes? LOVE!

  13. lovely combination of colors

  14. You sure know how to Fly your colors in all these styles. I love the photo that you say is a "bad angle." It's edgy, creative, and shows a lot of movement. Looks like a photo from a fashion magazine, or one from a music magazine.

  15. Fabulous!!! Your color combos are always on POINT!!! Love the fit diva!

  16. Gorgeous!! I love the striped jacket!! And those shoes--oh how I wish I could still wear fabulous shoes like that!!
    You look amazing in both outfits!

  17. who gon' check you boo?...aint nobody out there that can do that! girl, you sharp!

  18. I really love the color of that skirt. It's so vibrant! You look great as always Tavia!

    And again, thanks for linking up!


  19. U are one fab lady I adore every freaking thing about this

  20. Way to work this challenge girl. This outfit is nothing but the truth. I love the colors and the shoes...whew chile-loves 'em!


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  22. Your blog name really represents you cause your look can be office then outside looking fly. i love this look and you own your looks. i love that orange sweater it really compliments your skin.


    u have a follower, i believing in all curvy sisters uniting on blogger :-)
    thank you so much for your comment :-)

  23. Great style....


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