Monday, July 9, 2012

No Fuss Denim Romper - BFSC!

Hey Y'all!

It has been almost two weeks since I lasted posted.  I was on a posting roll and then got smacked by that weird unexpected storm that hit the DMV and other parts of the Northeast.  That darn storm left me with no power for almost a week! It was a pure nuisance.  Then I am dealing with a health issue that is really testing my faith.  So needless to say, I was not in the mood to post and even if I was, it would have been a major challenge without power.  UGH! OK moooooving on! You know I like to keep it light around

This past weekend, the Mr. wanted to lift my spirits by taking me on a date.  Things didn't work out the way they were suppose to but we made the best of it.  (Tony...I appreciate you!) As I mentioned, I was not really in the mood so I put on my no fuss denim romper.  I had it well over a year and I don't wear it much.

I am not big on rompers but they do come in handy (as do dresses) when you don't want to have to put too much thought into different pieces.  It wasn't until I actually started getting dressed when I was able to get out the "no fuss" mood...hence the funky Aldo wedges (instead of some black sandals I was gonna put on) and accessories.

The picture lighting is off so you can't see that the big stone in the bracelet and in the ring is turquoise.
So I took another picture of the accessories in the house.

I am crossing the sleeveless item of Jasifer's Big Fat Summer Challenge!
We are getting down to the wire!  Bikini here I come!!!  
By the way, I have an funny and interesting story about that.
I will tell you about it when I post it.  Stay tuned!

Another reason I opted for this romper is because although it is denim, it is lightweight and with it being sleeveless it was great to combat this 100+ heat we are having.

 It tiz T n T Mac!
 Tony loves to wear pink. As they say...a man comfy in his manhood can wear pink.  
The ironic part is although I wear it, it is not my favorite on me.  
So he probably wears it more than I do. lol.
Romper: Ashley Stewart  Wedges: ALDO  Ring: Target  Clutch, Belt & Accessories: NYC 

Thank you all for stopping by.
Stay fly and stay tuned!

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  1. You two are such a cute couple! :)
    Love those wedges and I only have one romper myself. :)

  2. I agree with Inez, you two look gorgeous together. Sorry you're having health problems, and I hope you are restored very soon. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, and for looking so fab in your denim romper!

  3. I love you in that shade of blue. Well you are both stunning.

  4. Love it! You look so cute!

  5. Aw, I am sorry you haven't been feeling well. Sometimes you need a break from blogging. You two look so cute and I love out outfit and accessories.

  6. Very nice romper and I love the pop of orange in the shoes.

  7. How sweet of your Mr. to take you out to cheer you up! I know what you mean about health challenges that challenge your faith. Hope yours will work itself out quickly. Love the outfit you put together!

  8. LOVE the one shoulder with the ruffle! Those shoes are super cute too!!

  9. cute romper! I'm happy your hubby tried to cheer you up on a fun date and i pray you start feeling better.


  10. That storm was no joke!! I will keep you and hubby in my prayers.

    You look too cute Tavia!! I love this romper! And the shoes?!?! Chile please!! ;D Werk!!

  11. Those wedges are HWAT!! LOVE your looks as always, so funy and pretty.. Thanks SO very much for linking to MM today.. Wishing you a beautiful evening.. xo.. Marilyn

  12. You look hot! And I don't mean sweaty hot, I mean cute, outstanding, gorgeous hot!
    Hope your health issues resolve soon.

  13. I pray you health issues will be short lived. You look fabulous though and I hope you had a great time on your date.

  14. I love it! You look gorgeous and the backdrops are perfect.

    Sorry about no power, that is maddening! FEEL WELL and take good care.

  15. Praying god's healing touch on you!!1 you look super cute in that romper and those shoes are Killer!!
    The Mr. looks awesome in pink!! I've even got the hubster to branch out into lilac and other pastels for shirts!
    I am so thankful we didn't lose power in the storms--they were SCARY!

  16. OMG you are almost done with your list !! you look great by the way !!

  17. You and me are going to have to rumble girl! Those accessories!!!!

    You look gorgeously summery (I feel like I'm making up my own words ha!).

  18. Oh wow how did I miss this look! You look so hot! Love that romper. You and Mr. T Mac look awesome!

  19. aw you guys look great!!i so love your hair

  20. I LOVE THIS ROMPER. I should come up with my own list of things that I want to wear but haven't yet....


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