Sunday, July 29, 2012

Python Pumps Dressed Up &Down:BFSC!

Hey Fashion Friends!

The weekend is coming to a close and I am wondering where the heck did it go?!?  It seems like I had a whole lot nothing going on and was just as busy a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.  If that didn't make any sense to you, don't feel bad because it sure didn't make any sense to me  I just can't put my finger on why I am not ready for the week to start.  Oh well.

This post is a TWOFER...two outfits in one post!

I decided to feature my favorite turquoise python pumps dressed up and dressed down. 
First up...the dressed up!

These Chinese Laundry pumps are definitely the go to shoes in my closet.  This is because they are chic but most important they are comfy!  I can wear these for extended amount of time and my toes are not ready to disown me.  You've seen these before in at least two of my previous posts.  If you click the Chinese Laundry or python label below, it will take you to the other posts.  I know, I should provide you with the links but I am being lazy...judge me if you like.

In this outfit I thought mixing the stripes with the python print would give it a more chic look and take it up a notch...BAM! 

*side note* I need some good Emeril Lagasse Jambalaya in my life right about now. 
I am starving as I type this.

Blouse: Ashley Stewart  Skirt: Thrifted:  Pumps: Chinese Laundry  Bag: Charming Charlie

Shout out to my son Tre' for not telling my bag was backwards. 
I guess this was payback because I made him get up to take my pictures before I went to work.

Next up is the python pumps dressed down also my second to last submission to Jasifer's Big Fat Summer Challenge...the CROPPED TOP!  Woot woot!

Showing my belly love!

Confession:  I didn't have a cropped top and I'm on a spending diet so I had to improvise.
I made this top from a old thrifted sweater.

This was another item that was out of my comfort zone...hence me not even having a cropped top. But as said before, this is the whole purpose of this challenge.
Will I buy a real cropped top in the future? 

Sure, why not?!?

Top and Levi Shorts: Thrifted  Bag: NY Vendor  Belt:  Sean John  Watch: Fossil
Necklace: Flea Market  Beaded Bracelets: DIY

Thank you all for stopping by.
Stay fly and stay tuned!


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  1. These pump and errthing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. These shoes are too cute.. love this look


  3. You look gorgeous, thanks for stopping by my blog, followed you back;)

  4. The shoes are completely awesome, Tavia, and you look fabulous all over! Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday : >

  5. I am totally LOVING the shoes and the first outfit it stunning!!
    You go girl on the crop top--you look GREAT!!

  6. Girl I am still loving those shoes lol! You better werk that crop top!!!


  7. loving those shorts! It's a perfect fit! The crop top was a fun toughie for me too but you NAILED it! :)

  8. Love those pumps and they are comfy too?! I want a pair! Love the colors! :-)

  9. You incorporate color into your outfits so well. Love those pumps, love BOTH of you looks, and LOL at that "one legged man" comment. You're a fab diva!

  10. Love both outfits! You are rocking that cropped top girl! ;) And I love those pumps - I have a minty-turquoise bag that I thrifted that is almost a perfect match for those shoes. ;)

  11. Those shoes are awesome!! What a fun blog name you have!! Love it! Thanks for linking up to my 1st Chic Couture! Have a great week!

  12. I love the colors!! You are looking absolutely fabulous!!! Great to see you're almost done with the Challenge as well!! Great look!!

  13. love the python heels! lookin seexxyyyy! :) now following you!
    <a href=">sharde @ the style projects</a>

  14. Ain't NOTHING like a comfortable cute shoe!!!!!!


  15. These shoes are stunning. And I love them with the stripes. Werk girl!!

  16. great blog


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