Friday, March 15, 2013

Basic Black!

Happy Friday Fashion Friends!
Today is a simple post and a simple outfit.  I am sporting a basic black outfit punched up just a little with my new favorite scarf and my old zebra print pumps.

  I got excited when I found this scarf.  It is a simple way of jazzing up a very basic outfit.  On the days when I am not in the mood to put too much thought into what to wear, I tend to go very basic.  Naturally, right?  When I am feeling like that I go for my "punch pieces" to keep me from falling of the drab cliff.  This is definitely one of my punch pieces and I have been putting some major use to it.
Today is the start of my Spring Break (I work for a University).  I plan to keep it very simple for a week.  I plan on reorganizing so that I can maximize my wardrobe.  How many of you keep wearing the same things not because you don't have anything to wear but because you don't know what the heck you have in your closet... *raising hand*  Guily as sin, here.

Does this mean that I will not wear my scarf as much? 
Absolutely means that I will find more things to wear with it.

Blouse & Slacks: Thrifted    Scarf & Clutch: Charming Charlie 
Pumps: K&G also worn here.  Cuff:  The streets of NYC
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.
Thanks for stopping by.
Stay tuned and stay fly!
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Layers: Dots, Stripes & Leopard

Hey heyyyyy!!!

Do you know how hard it is to stay motivated to go outside and take pictures when it is nippy?  Well...let us just say VERY hard.   For all of my fellow bloggers who live in the cold regions, I am sure you can certainly relate.   I have been wanting to get out there and take some but when I think about the cold, I say "ummmmm, nevermind" hence the almost month gap since my last post.

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful in the DMV so I got out there and posed a lil bit.

I am so ready for the weather to officially break for spring but one thing I will miss (as I do every year) is winter clothes.  I love layering.  The layered look is my signature go to look.  Every now and then I have to do something little sexy to make my husband swoon but most of the time, this is me.

Spring is definitely one of my favorite time of year.  Nothing like getting in your car on the first great spring Saturday of the season, rolling the windows down with the music on and just going for it.  That is everything! 

Speaking of music, certain songs just speak of dropping the imaginary (at least for me) top on the car and grooving down the road.  Anthony Hamilton's "Best of Me" is just perfect for that. 
It is amazing...amazing!

Are you ready for Spring?  You already know...

Striped Tee: K&G  Polka Dot Shirt: J.C. Penny (men's dept)  Blazer: Thrifted 
Jeans: Ashley Stewart   Pumps: Anne Michelle via K&G  Purse: Kmart
Thank you all for stopping by!
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