Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My "Uniform" but first a rant?

Hey everyone, Its Hump Day and before I get to the outfit, I have something to say!  I will ask for your forgiveness now :-)

I got an email from Tyler Perry’s mailing list yesterday.  It was a video.  It wasn’t the first video he has ever sent but to me, this one made the most impact.  To summarize the video.  It starts off with clips of people talking negatively of him.  It shows newspaper clippings of things being printed that are not so nice.  The video does take a positive turn and starts showing people who speak highly of Tyler.  If you aren’t on his mailing list and have not seen the video it can be found here.  It is a video that captures his testimony.  It is a lengthy 12 min. video but worth the time if you like inspiring stories. 

One of my biggest pet peeves is chronic negative people.  One of the things Tyler said in the email he sent was that he was allergic to negativity and I say that allllll the time.  LOL!  We can all be caught complaining here and there but when it is a habit, that’s a problem.  Seriously, are you the type that always have to find the bad in everything and everyone?  And when you do, MUST you mention it? Didn’t your mom ever tell you that if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all?  I mean really!!  Even when I have something not so nice to say,  I check myself twice.  I fail to do this every once in a while but for the most part, before I open my mouth, I make sure that it is all about being constructive and not destructive,  I go to God first and my words are free of judgment and full of  love!

It burns me up that we don’t know how to be happy for each other, celebrate and uplift one another.  Whenever I feel I am in a place where I can’t do just that, I immediately check my insecurities at the door (whether you want to admit it or not, we all  know that’s all it is) and get it together!   

But going back to the video…It ends with Tyler accepting his NAACP Image award.  You have to see  that part for yourself.  There were three key points  I got from this video. I’m sure there were several more.

1.  No matter who you are and what you do, people will talk.  Some negatively and some positively. 
2.  It is a blessing to be a blessing.
3.  God can change ANY situation!

I would love to hear you all thoughts on this.  I will end this part of the post with a quote from Tyler. 

 “You could have been born into a nightmare but God can usher you into a Dream!”

I had to get that onto the featured outfit/s.

Even the most divafied of us fashionistas have those day when we just can’t…

1.       Can’t decide what to wear
2.       Can’t use time effectively to get ready
3.       Can’t be so bothered

When I am having one these type of days and I still want to look fabulous, I go to my uniform.  Every fashionista should have a uniform or a “go-to” outfit for such times.

My uniform consists of a black bottom, a white top, and a denim jacket, coat or vest.  Every fashionista, career woman even, should have a pair of black slacks/skirt and a crisp white shirt in their closet.  I keep a heavy rotation of crisp white shirts.  You can take a blah outfit and punch it up with the denim without putting any thought into it. 

Here are three of many versions of my “Uniform”.

Version #1
Jacket: 1 half of an Ashley Stewart Denim suit          Random Turtleneck          Studded Pumps: Go Jane

Version #2

Leather Skirt: Thrifted      Shirt: K&G      Denim Jacket: Ashley Stewart     Shoes: Naughty Monkey     Belt: Target

Version #3
Cropped Pants: Ashley Stewart            Shirt: K&G         Cropped Denim Jacket: Ashley Stewart       Booties: Go Jane

I apologize for this post being a lil long...forgive me?

Thank you for stopping by :-)
Here is a preview of upcoming posts.

1. Casuale Friday                                2. Behooded

Stay fly and stay tuned! 


  1. Amen & Amen, Sistah!! I didn't mind the long post because it was something worth saying and something we all need to hear! Thanks for that! Now, about this uniform...I think I will work on mine when I get home this very afternoon! I don't have a go-to uniform but I do have some slacks, a white blouse and a 2 denim vests but no denim jacket. I just may post my outfit this evening. If I do, I will link it back to you. Much love!

  2. I love Naughty Monkey shoes, they are so fun. And that skirt is awesome.

  3. love the outfit....even tho I'm not Perry fan that was a great message!

  4. OMG! I am so over all of the negativity in regards to Tyler Perry. Besides being perpetually positive and internally optimistic, I personally grew up in a home where entertainment was very prevalent. My dad is a writer, director and actor. I danced for years and also played the violin. Currently, my husband is a stand-up comedian. That being said...I have a respect and appreciation for the God given talent that people have and share! It takes a lot of work, guts and dedication to lay yourself bare by choosing to share that talent with the world. Therefore, no matter what the talent is...if it is my cup of tea or not, I always respect the God given talent. I was appalled by the negativity that Spike Lee spewed in regards to Tyler Perry. I hate that there seems to be so many others that share his views and opinion. This man has worked tirelessly and brings smiles and laughter to millions. Who the heck are we to rain on his parade? Anyway, thank you so much for sharing that.

    As far as your "uniform"...I love outfit #2 and I am super diggin' outfit #3. Ugh, my biggest problem with the classic white button down is the fact that I HATE ironing. LOL!

    With Class & Sass,

  5. Preeeeeeach!!

    and I love them all - my fave is version 3 - you look super chic!

  6. Can the church say: AMEN????!!!!! Now gimme them shoessssss.... lol

  7. lovely choices and good taste.

  8. Wonderful photos, I like them!!! This is such a nice post!
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  9. Girl I LOVE your "rant". You hit the nail on the head. But trust, people are always going to talk, and the talking turns into a shouting match when you're a child of God! I don't mind someone exercising their "opinion" or "constructive criticism", however, these folks talk like they're freakin' experts and.....because they don't like means we should ALL not support it. Ummm...seriously??? I can't! Kudos to Tyler. I may not like everything he produces or writes but I love him and I will continue to support him. He's a positive brother.

    Anyhew, I really like version #2. Although you look fab in all three! Gimme those leopard print booties.

  10. Wonderful article you've got amazing points Mrs. T and people need to leave Tyler Perry alone but I guess everyone has haters and that's what makes us stronger! I love all the outfits and how you styled them I esp like #2 because its so cool, chic, & edgy and all the shoes are TDF!

    I saw your profile on the R29 style blogger and I voted for you..Good luck!

  11. First off, wonderful skirt I love it on you. Secondly, I think if you are comfortable in your own skin negative comments should just bounce right off of you. Of course, thats something that takes time to develop but like you said everyone gets talked about both negatively and positively. If you realize that no ones perfect then you won't worry about what people are saying behind your back. As long as your confident in yourself and love yourself nothing else really matters.

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  12. Very sexy in your leather skirt, my lady. ;)

  13. You successfully bring out the best of you even on uniforms. Do not mind those who rant bad things about what you wear. Just remember that they cannot even wear the things that you can and they are just envious about it.


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