Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Will Rock My Red Pumps!

Hey to my fellow Divas and if I happen to have any fellas lurking...
What's up Divos?!

I am bright eyed and bushy tailed as I type this post because we have a beautiful day on tap here in the DMV!  Spring is right around the corner y'all!  Daylight savings time begin in a little over two weeks.  I don't mind losing an hour of precious sleep if it means that we gain an extra hour of daylight.  For us bloggers that hour is precious to us for photo shoot optimization.

Do you see the banner over there?    =================>

The Red Pump Project is a great organization and movement that is bringing awareness of the impact HIV/AIDS is having on women and girls.  While great progress has been made in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, women still represent 27% of all new AIDS diagnoses, with African-American women accounting for 66% of that group.  Did you know every 35 minutes a woman is tested positive for HIV in the U.S.?   To me that is an alarming number for my community, so I am doing the least I can do to help.  I will have a dedicated post on March 9th and rock my red pumps on March 10th but before those dates I will mention it in every post to get you all involved. 
The goal for the organization this year is getting 2500 blogs involved and painting the blogosphere REDWill you join me? Here are a few ways to join in. 

There is more information on their website to be sure to go over there. 
I'm ready to Rock My Red Pumps!

On to my preppy outfit!

The blazer is part of a suit that I bought yearrrrrrrs ago.  I believe it was my first adult suit I bought.  Don't even rembmer the name of the store.  I want to say an old store called Mandee.

Blazer:  Part of an old skirt suit   Sweater: Izod, thrifted   Button up:  K&G  Jeans:  Calvin Klein from the men's section
Shoes:  Chinese Laundry, Moving On  Clutch: Charming Charlie

Thanks for stopping by!

Please remember to Rock them Red Pumps!

Stay fly and stay tuned!


  1. I love love love argyle!!! This is cute!

  2. Cute sweater! Especially love the snake skin pumps!

  3. The colors are so springy and I love it!!! Snake skin pumps on point!

    I will be participating in the Red Campaign!!!

  4. The heels are so cute with that sweater!

  5. this is why I am addicted to the internet, the information highway at its greatest. I have never heard of the red pump project and I thank you for talking about it on your blog. I am joining the cause, hope you dont mind me shouting you out on that day! I am all for doing what I can to help the community :-). I love this look on you too, that argyle is fab! I'll take those shoes with me though. lol

  6. Thanks for the info! I will definitely look into it(even though I don't have any red shoes...yet!) You look too cute! Love the colors, and you are workin it with those poses gurl!! =D

  7. your fashion ideas are great!

  8. Tavia, you do "preppy" well and the colored python pumps are a great unexpected touch. I think I have some red pumps. March 10th...Hmmm I've got time to plan...

  9. Such a great look, I love it and I love the rock the red pump mission!

  10. Awesome colors!!!! Very cute hun! I love this <3


  11. Nice! Adore those pumps!


  12. love these colors together!! your pumps are killer too

  13. This takes me back to the Boys to Men days when they wore sweater vest and jeans in their videos. I love this look the color combo is fresh and those shoes my dear I have no words.

  14. I love the pops of color and the snakeskin shoes!! Thanks for visiting my blog!


  15. This ensemble is totally preppy chic and cant wait to see how you rock your Red Pump

  16. I LOVE your blog...Great photos!Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower. Please check mines out and follow me if you’d like =)

  17. New to your blog. I love your preppy look and girl I almost lost my mind when I saw them BADDDD A** shoes. I thought they were my long lost Gucci's I didn't purchase-a big regret. Following>>> Always, SOULBeautiful

  18. Super cute shoes! The whole outfit is cute but the shoes?! Yes...

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  19. you look great & i love the shoes!!


  20. Such a cute outfit, you look adorable!


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