Saturday, March 3, 2012


Hi y'all!

I am soooo behind in my blog life.  I haven't posted at all this week and I have read very little of the all the blogs I follow.  It is due to a somewhat busy week.  Last night I was hanging out like I was grown.  I was able to sleep in today but I am still fatigued!  I only went out today because I had a 40% off coupon for Ashley Stewart that expired today and I wanted to use it.  Seriously...only the opportunity to save a dollar could get me out of my bed today.

The featured outfit is what I wore today but before I get to that I wanted to say I am on my to the hospital.  My niece is about to make her grand entrance!  Didn't my sister get the "FATIGUED" memo?!?  Leave it up to her to go into labor when I'm tired.  If you didn't catch the sarcasm, then you may be in need of some rest too. I wasn't planning to post tonight but I am passing the time a lil until my sister's contractions are closer.  I also feel the minute I lay down my phone will ring.  So, here I am.

OK, back to my outfit.  It is nothing special.  I just happen to capture a couple of pictures before running up to the mall.  I also felt like I needed to post something which is why I took the pictures.  Just a "WeekendIAmDoingNothingSpecialButRunningUpToTheMallToSaveADollar" look.  But all in all...I just wanted to say "heyyyyyyy"

Camo Jacket:  Thrifted   Jeans: Levis  Boots: Steve Madden

Thanks for stopping by.
Remember to Rock your Red Pumps next Saturday!
Stay fly and stay tuned!


  1. I need that jacket!

  2. Looks pretty good for a "WeekendIAmDoingNothingSpecialButRunningUpToTheMallToSaveADollar". So what did you get at Ashely Stewart?

    1. Thanks hun...I got purple skinnies, a purple pleated maxi skirt, and a animal print blouse. I could have easily done more damage but I behaved. Heh.

  3. Very cute! Comfy/cute/stylish... you did well. I hope you found some good deals!! Congrats to your sister and to your family on the new addition!!

    Thanks for the reminder! Note to self: Get red pumps this week ;)

  4. Camaflouge never looked so "fly"!

  5. I love the creativeness of how being that you feel fatigued you decide to wear army fatigue, very cute!!! :) chev

  6. Haaa! Love the "hanging out like I was grown" statement, LOL. Girl do you! Love the army fatigue. I need to hit up my local army surplus store.

  7. yup I am loving that jacket, makes me think of Rihanna for some reason!!

  8. Camo Camo soo maculine and yet Super Chic and fun. I Love this ensemble Dear.

  9. I know the FEELING.... I'm soooo behind on posting and reading!!!! Loving the CAMO SHAWTY!!!! (In my ATL voice) lol

  10. Girl, all I did this past weekend was relax! Congrats on the new addition to the family, that's always exciting. I love the fatigue jacket. I need to get my daddy for his next time I visit.

  11. Don't you just love the camo jacket! I worship mine!


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