Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winter White Styled with Love

Happy Valentine's Day Lovelies!

Today's outfit is Valentine's day inspired to have a lil fun with my fellow bloggers.
I have linked up with  everyone at Everbody Everywear workin' the Pink and Red!
Bloggers Do It Better where we are rockin' the Red!

In this outfit I went with the more traditional Love Day look. 
In the outfit below I switched it up just a tad bit.
Both looks are perfect for dinner with a special someone or the girls.
Slacks are a little warmer for a cold day in February but can be swapped out for a skirt
if you wanna give a lil leg to make this look a lil bit sexier for a first date.

Trousers:  K&G   Sweater and Jacket: Thrifted   Necklace: NYC Street Vendor 
Shoes:  Nine West Bracelet:  Pinlet by D  Belt: Target  Clutch:  Leather Man

I also wanted to switch it up just a lil bit by color blocking with a not so traditional Valentine color.

Trousers:  K&G  Blazer: Thrifted   Striped Tank: Target  Purse:  Streets of NYC  Shoes: Faryl Robin  Random Accessories

And since it is Valentine's day, I want to share one of my favorite pics of me and my Valentine.
Babe, I love you more than chicken and rice! ;-)
Happy Valentine's Day! 

Bloggers Do It Better
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Stay fly and stay tuned!


  1. The colours in your outfit are so perfect. I adore pink and red at the moment but I have never worn it myself. I want to try it soon. Your outfits are so well put together. Hope you had a good day.

  2. I did both challenges as well on today!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE the way u rocked your pink and red!!

  3. The winter white pants & shoes with the red & pink is so chic!

  4. The pic with you and your sweetie is the best. You look great as usual.

  5. absolutely fabulous!!! the outfit is very pretty! It is simple, stylish and classy! the colors are beautiful!

    i <3 your blog and your style!!


  6. Simply gorgeous. Love the mix of colors and your bag.

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  7. Both outfits are beautiful! Love the photo of you and your love.

  8. Love this on you! The black accessories really make the outfit. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Hope you come back soon! I think your blog is adorable, and I'm a new follower!

  9. Hi! I found your blog by participating in the recent BDIB challenge Love how you styled your red. Cute blog!! Please visit mine if you get a chance. Have a wonderful day!!


  10. Great red jacket. You are working it!


  11. I am in love with both looks! I really need to link up with both challenges soon.

    You and your honey look so good!!

    Happy Valentines Day!!

  12. Love the red and pink. It screams Valentine! Love the clutch and purse in both photos. Nice touch of color.


  13. You look amazing in both outfits. I am loving the red and pink right now. I need to get on board.

  14. You rocked the hell out of these looks. I love both looks so much, but if I had to choose one it would be the color block look. Love the contrast of yellow red and black with the white party from the pants. Awesome!

  15. Damn you look stunning! I LOOOOVE the pink/red/white combo - white pants are the best!



  16. I love, I love, I love!!!! did I tell you? I JUST LOVE THIS LOOK! AMAZING!!

  17. I love both looks. I really love soft/baby pink with red..im gonna try that next. I also love how you added that lime green top with the second look.

  18. All of your ensembles are so stylish! Love the pink red and white. You and your sweetheart look so cute! I love that picture:-)


  19. I LOVE both looks but that PINK & RED is on point!!!!! Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day... U GUYS PIC is really nice!!!!

  20. Woman you look awesome and I especially love the second outfit pics! That pop of yellow is so chic. You and the hubby look fab!

  21. LOVE the pink and red combo and actually the neon and red is pretty inspirational too!


  22. Tavia you look GORGEOUS in this outfit. What else can I say other than, I have voted for you at Refinery 29. Awesome colors and what a bod! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  23. Awww...thank you all!

    Dawn, I appreciate the vote girl!

  24. Lovely pink and red look - I especially love the layered necklaces!

  25. Beautiful photos! Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day!

  26. such a great look on you...the colors the necklaces all work!

  27. OMG!!! You look gorgeous in every look!!! I really love the pink and red!

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