Monday, October 31, 2011

Double Duty: Yellow, Black and White

Happy Monday Y'all!

So this weekend was a busy weekend.  Saturday was my youngest son's league championship football game and I survived what was the first snow of the DC area.  It wasn't a significant amount but it is still October!  It was brutally cold and wet and it was hard for me to watch them babies freeze on the field.  The team toughed it out and brought home that victory babyyyyy! Insert proud momma dance here ______

OK so on Mondays, the outfit I wear to work is usually pulling its second shift.  Whatever I wear to church on Sunday is usually what I wear to work on Monday.  C'mon only have it on for a couple of hours.  Also if I can be honest, I feel too cute to have to take it off for after just a short amount of time.  That would be such a waste. I just come home take it off and hang it up and it's ready to do double duty.  And I rarely have to iron it again.  The only thing about that is, it is usually more dressy than what my work environment calls for.  My office dress code is a very relaxed business casual with jeans being allowed on Fridays.  So at first, people would look at me with the "where the heck is she going?" look when I come stepping in there with my pumps in the sea of old flat loafers (you know the lifeless, broken in ones that have been worn way passed expiration).  I believe they are used to it now. I have back up though. There are now a couple of us ladies who do not let the relaxed dress code interfere with our divaliciousness!

I understand fishnets are not appropriate for every office.  Please consider your work environment before making the decision to wear them.  Also, these are the small nets...I definitely wouldn't do the large net.

The  Ensemble:
Shirt: K&G
Skirt: K&G
Jacket: Burlington Coat Factory
Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory
Fishnets: Target
Belt and accessories: The streets of NYC
Sunnies: Kenneth Cole
Purse: Coach

Thanks for reading!
Stay fab and fly,


  1. I love that pop of color! Those shoes are indeed fly..I want!! And girl..your hair is gorgeous!!

  2. Love the colors..... (Black is my color!)
    I so feel you on the double duty Sunday attire.

  3. I'm lovin' the color combo! That yellow looks great on ya!


  4. Yellow looks great on you and I love these colors together.


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