Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Can't Let Go...

Happy Hump Day Divas!

Here is what I wore to work today.

Do you all remember the episode of the Cosby show where Rudy wanted to wear her favorite Summer dress to a birthday party in the Fall ?  Claire told her it was too cool for it and to pack it away.  Little Miss Rudy had a hard time accepting that.

Here is Rudy begging and pleading her case to Claire. Girlfriend crossed the line
Rudy obviously does not get her way and Cliff helps her pick out this adorable season appropriate outfit.  Rudy was so fashion forward, color blocking and all.  Can I admit I would wear that dinosaur sweater sue me!
Anyway...I think we all have issues letting go some items in our fashion arsenal each season.  Or is me and Rudy alone?  One of the things I have a hard time letting go are my strappy sandals...I like showing my toes. lol.  Well, also like Rudy I have a Summer dress that I love and did not let go just yet.  The trend of  chunky sweaters over a maxi skirt/dress would easily remedy that and I love it! 

I didn't have a chunky sweater that would work and the dress at hand is not a maxi but I wanted to transition it into the Fall so this is what I did.  I hope you guys dig it. :-)  Do you all have items you don't want to let go when the season changes?

The Fit:
Dress (worn as a skirt): Burlington
Shell: Ashley Stewart
Blazer: K&G
Wedge Booties: K&G
Belt: Target
Jewelry: Streets of NYC
Watch: Hubby's Fossil

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  1. Too funny...I too have a hard time of letting go of the strappy sandals with the change of the season. Whenever I can work a pair back in on a warm day I do...with smiles.
    Thinking I need to update my fall shoe collection!
    Cute outfit!

  2. Love that skirt and what an awesome pattern....also those booties are super cute! It's pretty much summer year round out here in I'm like you and Sonya...I can't let my sandals go. I rock them in the Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall (lol)


  3. Love the pattern of that dress! Cute blog! New follower :-)

  4. Girl I "winterize" everything in my closet. I love all my clothes so I have no problem rocking a summer floral with a blazer, and booties. I refuse to refer to clothes as seasonal, lol.

    Check out my blog tomorrow for a fab giveaway.

  5. @Sonya and Myeshia...Thanks! Gotta love them sandals!

    @Chanel...thanks and thanks for the follow!

    @Ms. Fashion Pad...I am going to start thinking like that now. Winterize errrything! I wll check you out today.


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