Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ditchin' My Football Mom Digs

Greetings my fellow bloggers! 

It has been a typical Saturday for me.  What is typical for me as of late is spending all day on the football field and not being able to accept invites to different events because I'm either too tired or like I already said on the football field.   Today my son's team won the first round of the Regional Tourney!!!  This means we will be right back out there tomorrow for the Championship game.  Go STORM!  It is bittersweet because win or lose this will be the last game for us.  This season started on July 11th.  Can we say looooooong time ago.  The coaching staff and parents have decided to opt out of the Nationals.  It requires too much time, energy and money to take 20+ 8-10 year olds to Orlando.  So the train stops here and we will settle with being the League, the State and hopefully the Regional champions!

As for tonight...I am ditchin' my football mom digs for some diva I am going to a friend's birthday get together she is having at her home. This evening should be full of good food, laughs and fun. Here is what I am wearing. (I had these pics snapped when I shoulda been taking a nap...smh)
 I usually wear this Dolman sleeve turtleneck with skinny jeans and pumps but after today I am tired and I want to be as comfortable as possible. So my wide leg Levis and wedge booties will have to do.
It is nippy out now in the DC metro area so I will wear my motorcycle jacket that I've had forever!  I paid $50 for this baby in Leather Man.  I still can't believe

 Me and my four-legged baby...Princess :-)

The Comfortable Diva Digs:
Dolman Turtleneck: Ashley Stewart (2 yrs ago)
Jeans: Levis via Marshalls
Jacket: Leather Man
Booties: K&G
Zebra Belt: Target
Afro Diva Earrings: DIY
Random Accessories

Thanks for reading and check out the sneak peek of my upcoming posts.

1. Stripes and Duster Denim   2. Mixed Prints   3. $5 Genuine Leather Pants  4.Houndstooth and Purple

Stay Tuned and Stay Fly!


  1. That colour looks great on you!

  2. your outfit is really cute & the color really suits you!!

  3. love love love the orange

  4. You look FABULOUS anyway! Comfy mode or not! So glad your son's team was undefeated! WHOOT! Your hair is cute!!!

  5. Great outfit and you have an adorable dog!


  6. Girl your hair is slammin!! LOVE that style on you! What a fabulous top! I adore the sleeves! Kiah

  7. Comfy and stylish at the same time...great combo. Super turtleneck and leather jacket!
    Congrats to team!

  8. Great post!! That colour really suits you!

  9. When your done with that sweater can you please send it my way? Love the color and it looks great on ya! Also love your accessories!



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