Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Bus Partying Santa Baby!

*UPDATE* January 6, 2011
I wanted to participate in Bloggers Do It Better Sequin Edition and haven't had a chance to take any pictures wearing more sequin, so I submitted this previous post!  Sparkle Sparkle everyone!

Bloggers Do It Better

Hey there fashion peeps!

I had a pretty decent and eventful weekend.  Alright let me tell you...I have a pretty hip momma and it was her birthday weekend.  How she decided to celebrate her birthday was to get a party bus.  That's right, ma dukes said let's party on a bus.  So this is exactly what we did.  The itineray was to party on the bus and make a few pit stops.  Because we are in the DMV (DC, MD, & VA area) during the winter it is COLD!!!  I mean, the hawk was out Saturday night.  I knew it was going to be cold so I had to come up with a fit that was fashionable, festive yet functional.  Functional being, keeping my buns from freezing off.  You would think being a native NY'er having to walk to school in a foot of snow uphill both ways, I could handle it...NOT!  Here is what I came up with.



I also used this fit to participate in Bloggers Rock the Colors of Christmas link party

  for the For Style Sake's Santa Baby Contest. 
I just took off the denim trousers and put on a skirt and a different pair of shoes. 
If you have a minute I would appreciate if you could stop by and vote :-)

 What's up with the look on my face...smh

The Fit
Black Blazer: K&G
Denim Trousers: Thrifted
Black Skirt: ? (had it forever)
Black Blouse: Burlington
Sequin Tank: Dots
Scarf (worn as a tie): Random Vendor
Booties and Shoes: Go Jane
Red & Gold Earrings: DIY

Here is the Birthday Diva Ms. D aka Ma D aka D Ma (what my boys call her)...isn't she fabulous?!? 

One other pic, I wanted to at the MLK memorial.  This was one of the party bus pit stops.  This is an AWESOME memorial!!  I wish it wasn't so cold so that we could enjoy it more.   

Thanks for reading.
Stay fly and stay tuned!


  1. WOW! What a great weekend! That party bus thing wounds so fun! I am very familiar with the DMV area!! I have 3 aunts in Laurel, MD and a sister in the Fairfax area. I used to live in Glen Burnie! You look fantastic! I love that jacket with the sequin top! Your scarf as a tie is cute. YO MAMA "D" you doing it!! Yes Ma'm!! lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Kiah

  2. Now you know you did it with the sequin tank!! I love this fit. So classy and fancy!

    Love that your mom got a party bus to do it big on her birthday! I know you guys had a blast.

  3. An oh yea... I voted for you gurl!! Good luck!!

  4. @Kiah...we have more and more in common. So you know the area well. Thanks hun :)

    @Ticka, you know how I appreciate it the support! Thanks!!!

  5. Aww this post makes me miss the DMV. I love the sequin top and your hair is so lush.

  6. Shoes are hotness.

  7. i LOVE your shoes. lookin good!


  8. Looks like you had a great time. Love your shoes and picture with MLK.


  9. Your mum looks stunning - happy belated birthday Ms.D:) You look great Mrs. T, love sequin tank and the scarf vibe... Voted!

  10. Happy belated b-day to momma! Loving the sequined top. Fab look!

  11. Love you, your blog and your fabulous hair, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Following and adding you to my blogroll inmediately.

  12. the tank and shoes made me swoon! Fab.

  13. LOVE the peak of sequins from beneath the blazer!!!! I'm all about sequins lately :)

  14. LOVE the glitzy top and the touches of Christmas red.....great outfit!!

    Thanks so much for linking up :)
    Bloggers Rock the Colors of Christmas Link Up!

  15. You've got the coolest mom ever! Love the party look!

  16. Sounds like so much fun darling. What a cool mom. Fierce fashion your outfit, especially your shoes. Linked over from Collette's blog. Merry Christmas xo Dawn Suitcase Vignettes

  17. Well hello there Tavia. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comments. I must say that you are looking very fierce in this outfit. I love the layering. It just gave me some additional inspiration for my sequined tank top. I love the hair. If I had just been a little bit more patient with my natural curls... Well let me get back to checking out your blog.

  18. I see where you got your fashion sense! Your mom looks gorgeous! I love the gold top and the earrings. Both pairs of your shoes are fabulous!! Love them!
    Found you via Statements in Fashion!
    Merry Christmas!!

  19. i love the outfit and your hair , amazing xoxo

  20. nice shoes & thanks for your comment!


  21. You look AMAZING Diva...and that top in the first pic is FAB! You betta WERK girl!!


  22. Sounds like such FUN!!!!! happy Belated B-Day MA D!!!!!

  23. Love the sequin with the blazer. Cute! Stopping by from BDIB!


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