Monday, November 28, 2011

She's a Maniac Flash Dancer...

Hi Divas!

I just wanted to do a quick post...still feeling yucky.   As I stated in my last post, I got the cooties.  Friday I didn't even get dressed.  I pretty much stayed in the bed.  What a way to enjoy my vacay at Grannie's.  Saturday, my last full day in SC, the hubby decided that some fresh air would do me some good so he decided to take me out on a date to Sonic...don't judge us lol  We don't have a Sonic close to home in MD so when we get to Myrtle Beach we plan to go at least once.  So that is what we did...we went to Sonic and walked around Broadway at the Beach which was nearby.   Wasn't out long...just long enough to get a few pics and not get too runned down. 

What I wore made be feel like a Flash dancer.  It was nothing special but the addition of the leg warmers over fishnets kicked it up a quarter notch and made me feel like I wanted to dance like a maniac, maniac on the dance floor...dancin like I never danced before.  Oh what a feelin!  
(There will be a select few of you who got that *wink*)


The Fit:
Top: K&G
Short: Men's Denim Cargo Wranglers
Belt: Burlington
Wedge Booties: K&G
Fishnets: Target
Leg warmers: Forman Mills
Pinlet: Bracelet made of saftey pins by D (my mom)
Earrings: DIY
Other random accessories

Thanks for reading!
Stay fly and stay tuned.


  1. Oh, I got it!! Girl, get hubby and splash the water on you on stage!! lol!

    I love both the re-mixes in this post. The shorts with the fishnets are nice, and the legwarmers over the booties are FIRE!! Love the look! I would have never thought to do either. You look great!

  2. Im loving this outfit! The legwarmers look so good with those mens shorts :D I think mens clothes are so great to wear :)

    Really inspirational :)

  3. That top looks REALLY nice on you! :D

  4. Those leg warmers are EVERYTHING! Love em!



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