Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Friiiidayyyy! Drop It Low!

Happy Friday Fashion Friends!

In my office we have a casual dress code on Fridays and I love it because I get to wear jeans.  As much as I like to dress up, throwing on a pair of jeans is more my speed.  I love a fab pair of pumps but I am a tomboy at heart, although I don't wear too many sneakers.  I'm off every other Friday so it is slightly different casual Friday for me.  Today's outfit is me showing you how I ro'...droppin' it really low.


My off Fridays I drop it really low...on the low low casual tip, that is *wink*

On today's Agenda:
Get my truck's emission inspection
Sell some donuts for my son's fundraiser
Go Thrifting
Try to prentend I am not going to Chipotle
Visit a SAHM friend
Do some house chores
Go to Chipotle and get my high
(because we all know crack is their secret ingredient)
Wait for the fam to come home
Enjoy some evening family time at home

So as you can see I am not doing much today and there is no real reason to get anymore dressed than I am.  I know some of you divas get all fabbed out to go to the mailbox.  I am not mad at you...WERK, I say but that is not me.  I am just keeping it 100.  I do love my native American inspired patchwork sweat jacket.  It is a more fashionable alternative to my old uninspiring sweatshirts that in my former b.b. (before blogging) life, you would have seen me in running my errands.  I have gotten better.  You can still be comfy, casual and drop it, drop, drop it low yet fashionable. 

The low Casual Fit:
Blazer: K&G
Patchwork Sweatshirt:  New Age Riva
A Native American boutique in a local mall
Jeans and shirt: Target
Work Boots: ?
I bought the boots years ago before combat boots
were trendy for a step performance.

Thanks for letting me show you how I roll
Stay fly and stay tuned!


  1. Gurl, I love that song!! It has me acting a fool on the dance floor when I go out! LOL!!

    You look FAB! Cute, comfy and sexy all at the same time! Those jeans fit you to a "T"!!

    OAN: Thanks for the mention over at Fabulously Average (blog)! Much appreciated!

  2. I love that movie!! LOL! Yeah I am a kid at heart!!!

    Your outfit is really cute, gotta love dress down Fridays at work!!! :-D

    And I am soooooooo with you on casual wear!! Some divas rock it out just to go to the store and it's cool cause they look great doing it, but I can't seem to go there. I can do the cute and casual, but not the heels and skirts etc....I wear that when I'm going out out, but not to the mall and running errands!! LOL

    Carsedra of:

  3. That is my jam! You would think I was trying to get discovered when that comes on, LOL! I love your colorful top! I am so in love with anything colorful. No need in blending in just cause it is a dress down day...brighten EVERYBODY'S day with your vibrant fabulousness. =o)

    With Class & Sass,

  4. That's so cool you get to have casual Fridays. Its business casual every day of the week for me. But I do love your jeans and I really like them paired with the combat boots. You look FAB!

  5. love your post.
    you are gorgeousss!!

    & nice blog dear
    pls look also at mine and become a friend too :)

    XO, Carmen

  6. cute colors!

    xo DIa!

  7. Your casual/low low low looks great! Love the vid....too funny¡!

  8. I love Casual days!!! lucky for me everyday is! lol I'm not bragging! Love the Sweater and the boots! Stay fly!

    E. Louise

  9. Casual days are the best...and you are rockin' this outfit! LOVE IT!


  10. Stop talking about me!! So what if i get fabbb for them ailbox ahhaha Nehoo...

    Can I have that tribal/native jacket??!??! Please?! LOL But I respect your causual - believe it or not, thats me always. I love casual days

  11. You are almost at 100...congrats! I laughed when you said about getting fabbed out to got to the mailbox...funny! You look great! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  12. GOSH this song is really great it suits on your blog girl. This is really great!


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