Monday, November 21, 2011

We Got the V.I.C.T.O.R.Y!

Good Monday My Fashion Friends!  Hope you all had a fabulous and fashionable weekend.

Today's fit feature is this fabulous dress. We have seen it before around the blogosphere but I wanted to show you how I put my personal style spin on it.  But first in my proud mama smile....
*Queue Queen's music* 
We are the time for losers, We are the Champions!!! 

We won! We won!
Congrats to the Prince George's Storm Mitey Mites for a job well done!
These guys (and gal) worked hard, got better and made history!

Metro American Youth Football (AYF) Division 1 Champions
Maryland State AYF Division 1 Champions
Atlantic Region AYF Division 1 Champions

What a great ride this has been!

Now us parents can get our lives least for one minute. :-)

Now, speaking of winning...

This dress is definitely a winner!  Every time I see it on someone no matter the shape or size, it rocks!  Take a look at how a few of my fellow bloggers have fabulously rocked it out:

These ladies kept it simple and it worked!
 Brittany of Pockets and Bows

Shakiyla of I Wanna Be Fierce
chose to add a leather jacket for an edgier look.

You will find that this dress does not need much and some will let the dress speak for itself, which works for me.  This dress positively accentuates every curve in a gal's body.  BOOM BANG POW! When I first got it and modeled it for the hubby, he had this really big "kool-aid" smile on his face and if I'm not mistaken, he started to  This is a great "dinner-with-the-sweetie" dress but I wanted to wear it work and not be uncomfortable all day.  If you could pull it off, go for it.  I tried to convince myself that I could but failed.  So how do I wear this dress to work and not give to much jelly?  I add a denim duster trench, that's how!  Oh, and some good undergarments will help too. teehee.  I also wanted that leather and lace feel so I chose to add a strand of pearls.  I think I did OK.

 I know there are some more of you who have this dress, how do you rock it?  Please share the link of your post of this dress if you have one.
I apologize for not remembering where I got the boots. 
I've had them for so long, I had to have them resoled.  They are my faves!
Thanks for reading
Stay fab and stay tuned!
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  1. Guuurrrrrrrrl, you look great!! Love the addition of the pearls. Next time, let that "jelly" be seen! lol! I can't get enough of that dress (Thank you for the shout out)!! I was apprehensive about wearing it to work too, and also had the salivating hubby ;).

    Congrats to your son and his team!! Job well done!

  2. HA! I knew they would win! CONGRATS!!! And gurrrl that dress is poppin! Love it!

  3. U look amaze!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. yeah i like that dress..its so crazy that its from old navy..i never find anything when i go into that store!

  5. I love this outfit!!! I've been dreaming about that dress from ON, I want it so bad. It looks great on every frame. I've tried finding it for months with no luck. You look great!

    Thanks for being #CERTIFIEDchic

  6. Hot!!! Love those colors in the dress!!

  7. I am officially SOLD on this look fab!

    Now I have to go search for it myself lol

  8. Wow! This ON dress is fiercely fabulous on you. Fresh spin on the styling...

  9. I love that there's a little girl on the team. Congrats to those guys for winning!!

    You are totally rocking this dress. The addition of the duster was just perfect to make it more office friendly.

  10. That dress looks great on ya! Old I come (lol)



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