Friday, November 4, 2011

BAM! Kickin It Up A Notch

It's the weekennnnnddddd!!!

Today was my day off as I am off every other Friday. On my Friday off I can be found lounging all day in the bed because I have absolute quiet time. Everybody is at work and school and I'm all alone...well me and my pooch. I absolutely love it! As for today, I ran an errand or two and decided to get just a lil sassy. Ever since the inception of this blog I have been putting some extra thought into everything I wear each matter the occasion.  I wonder if anyone else does that. I'm grateful for it though. I'm swimming in a sea of some fly ladies in this blog world and I wanna stay afloat. It's all good though because I got a mean doggy You all have challenged me to kick up a notch....BAM! *doing my best Emeril impersonation*. The challenge has been helpful for my inner diva.  So today, this is my errand running attire kicked up. Below I will make some fun of myself and post a pic of my usual errand running attire. Teehee.

My fit today consists of a couple of trends.  Lace, and a bright bold color.

A pair of sweatpants is my usual errand running attire.
In this pic I match but that isn't always the

Thanks for reading and
have a great weekend!


  1. That satin trench is everything! Love the bold color...and what an adorable lace top! I'm really feelin' this outfit!! You look great Diva!


  2. I like that blouse! I wish I could see a close up of those shoes :-) I am in the market for a pair of black booties but I havent been able to find any that I like.

  3. I've been lusting after the perfect satin trench for years now! This one's fab on you :o)

  4. Yes that trench is a great statement, love the color!

  5. Thanks ladies!!!

    Maisha...The booties are Bamboo Caesar. You can google them to get a closer look at them.

    Candyce...I hope you are able to score one real soon! Try the thrift stores...Maybe you will get lucky.


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