Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Khaki & Denim

Hey beautiful people!

What have you all been up to?  This past weekend was a girl's get away.  Another friend of mine turned 40 and had a birthday party in her hometown of Norfolk, VA.  So we drove down from the DMV.  I am mentioning it only to tell you I suck!  I got all glammed up for the soiree and didn't take any pics of my own! 
Who does that?!? ohhhh welll...

Moving on...April greetings to you all!   Can you believe it is April already?!?  I mean it seems the new year turned over just yesterday and here we are in April.  Well, I tell you what...you better start living now if you haven't started because life is too short!  It will pass you by if you are not careful.

April is a one of the special months for me because it is the month my husband and I celebrate our anniversary.  In fact this will probably be the last post until sometime after 13th as we will be celebrating our anniversary a little early (the 26th is our actual anniversary) by cruising the Caribbean!

Woooooooo to the Hoooooo!!!  Can we say "READYYYYY"?!?

Alright today's featured outfit is what I'd like to think is a Saturday lunch and shopping fit.  Maybe because of the comfy cargo khakis and then dressing it up a bit with the flowy wrap blouse.

The bag is one I recently won from Shapely Louise's giveaway.  Isn't it cute!  Thanks, girlie!

Shoes: Extreme by Eddie Marc via Hautelook
Cargo Khakis: Ashley Stewart  Denim Jacket: Lane Bryant (about 13 years old)  Wrap Blouse: Bandolino via K&G
Studded cuff: Target and Random accessories

Thank you all for visiting.
I will see you all late next week.
Stay fly and stay tuned!


  1. HAPPY early anniversary to you and hubby!! Have fun on the cruise!! Gurl, you are looking too cute!! And I am LOVING your hair!!

  2. Cute shoes and skirt!

    Carsedra of:



  3. Hunni, u r supa fly... Have a happy anniversary & enjoy yourself! Happy Easter as well! See ya soon!!!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! And OMGosh, I love those shoes!

  5. You look great Ms. Lady!! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary with your husband! I hope you enjoy your Caribbean vacation!


  6. Love the shoes! Happy anniversary; have an awesome time.

  7. Happy Anniversary to you. Hope you have many more happy years to come. Take lots of stylish pics in the Caribbean (what a post that will make!). Your outfit is always great!

  8. Cute outfit and the shoes are hottt!

  9. That blue is absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Love this look...ESPECIALLY THOSE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I'm loving the really cool look..you look great I esp love the how you paired the cargo with the denim jacket and the shoes are lovely!

  12. you have some of the best shoes! you're just too fly! happy (late) anniversary!! :-)



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