Thursday, April 26, 2012

Do You Know What Today Is?

It's Our Anniversary!

Pic heavy (although it is not as many as it appears to be because I collaged them)
and this post could possibly make you gag.
Please proceed with caution

Yep, today is Mr. & Mrs. T. Mac's anniversary!
insert applause here.

I decided to use this time to tell you our brief story and share a couple of our wedding pictures.
Part of the reason is because as a reader, I like to get an inside peek of a blogger every now and then beyond the fashion.  I try to do that just a little bit here.  Welp, today you guys will get a big dose of it.

*start violin music now*
Tony aka Mr. Mac aka Chocolate Tyger aka Gentle Giant aka Tonybear   ok ok... Tony and I started dating almost 10 years ago.  He came into my life at a difficult time when I was least expected and literally became my Tyler Perry type hero.  You know the dude in Tyler Perry movies who come in and save the day?  Yeah, that guy.  When we met I had an 11 month old baby and a 3 year old from a previous marriage and it didn't phase him.  He was 30, never been married and childless ready to settle down but I was obviously hestitant,  Just getting out of a not so good marriage will make you gun shy for a minute.  Long story short, it took me some time to get to where Tony was trying to go.  This wasn't my first rodeo and I wanted to be very very very sure and he was very  patient.   We finally got married April 26, 2010 on the beautiful Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman Islands.  All the positive cliches you can think of would apply.  I married my best friend, It was one of the best days of my life, He really makes me happy, etc etc.  One of the things I say all the time is that I am a complete mush for a good love story...real or fictitious and it is because of the complete state of happiness I am in. 

I LOVE love!

Here is collage of the beginning of this journey...a few pics from our engagement session

We had a great time doing this shoot and when Tony is getting on my last nerve, I look at these pics to get over it.   The engagement and wedding pics are always what the Love Dr. orders.

Here are a few of our wedding pictures.

To my Tony, you have been the best!!!  The best father.  A great example for our boys.  The best husband.  It is great to never question our relationship.  The best man.  You are not perfect nor am I but with God we are complete!  The best Triangle Offense ever! *wink* I pray that we will still feel the same way we felt the day we said I do and the way we feel today 50 years from now.  I have your back and I know you have mine!  Thank you for that!  I love you more than chicken and rice and a new pair of shoes!

Happy Anniversary Tonybear!!!

To all of my readers (if you survived)...
 Thank you for allowing me to deviate from the usual. 
I love ya for it!

Thanks for visiting
Stay fly and stay tuned!


  1. Awwwww, this was so sweet and your pictures are absolutely gorgeous and creative! Loved reading your post. Your story is very similar to mine. I had to children from a previous marriage as well that didn't work out. My kids were 4 and 2 1/2. My husband and I have known each other a total of 23 years, been together for 16 years and married 9years. So as you can see, it took me about 6-7 years to actually tie the knot with him and I honestly have no regrets. Love is such a wonderful thing! {insert goofy smile here}

  2. AAAAAAAwwwww that was\is the best story everrrrrrrrrrrr. I hope and pray to one experience the love and happiness that you all possess!!!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AND BEST WISHES

  3. Wonderful story and pics!! Girl this isn't pic heavy at all. In my mind I was like 'Wait, are those converse? Cool something blue'!!!!. LOL.

  4. Happy Anniversary doll, you look very pretty!!

  5. I loved all of the pics! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! I wish you both many many many more years of happiness!

  6. Beautiful pics. Love the Chucks with the wedding dress! Happy Anniversary.

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and the Mr!! Wishing you many, many more!! Loved all of the pics.

  8. Happy Anniversary and the pics are so beautiful!

  9. very sweet. i love the pics. happy anniversary!

  10. I LOOOVEEEE CHUCKS too!!!! Happy Anniversary....New follower from Australia!!

    mele xo

  11. Awwww...Happy Anniversary! You two look GREAT together! I wish you all the best. Beautiful pics!

    Stay beautiful! *Smooches*

  12. Wow! Happy Anniversary!
    You look amazing and soo sooo happy! You deserve it.
    I love how you said you were a Tyler Perry Heroine LOL!
    Love it!
    New follower!

  13. There's so much love in the air! This seems to be the month for engagements, weddings and anniversaries.
    Those are super pics and so nice of you to share them. I really like the one of the two of you seen through the palm fronds. Wishing you many more happy years together!

  14. These pictures are epic! Your wedding looks like it was tons of fun. A lifetime of happiness to you both.

  15. Just gorgeous and the chucks....freakin awesome!I wish you many years of happiness together!

  16. so beautifulll

  17. preciosas fotos!!

  18. I just cried! Congrats to you and your family! I love your blog.

  19. Your wedding pictures!!!! *drooling*


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