Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Not So Mellow Yellow!

Hey Fly Ones!
How y'all?!?

OK, so this past Sunday my choir had to sing and the attire was any combination of yellow, grey and white.  This means that we could have worn yellow bottoms and grey top, all grey with pops of yellow, All white with grey accents, etc. etc.  Well me being the crazy lady that I am I wanted to do all yellow!  I know that this may not have been most people's choice because it may have been a little too bright for most fashionista's taste but I wanted to do it! Fashion is subjective and  mostly about doing you, right?  And that I did!  I accented with a little white and silver accessories.

My husband started calling me Chiquita because he claims I looked like a darn banana...WHATEVA!  A banana wishes it was this bright...heh! I felt good so I guess that all that matters.  I felt like a ray of sunshine here to brighten lives...lol.

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I know I mentioned it before but whatever I wear to church on Sunday, I wear to work on Monday (well Tuesday in this week's case)  I do this because I only have on my outfit for a couple of hours not long enough for it to get wrinkled.   But because I wore these pants to work last week, I decided to wear the grey skirt I was rebelling against on Sunday.  So this is what I wore to work today.

Yellow top and pants and white top: Thrifted  Grey Skirt: Burlington Shoes: Guess
Bag: Ann Taylor Loft Thrifted   Random accessories

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  1. I am loving the look with the grey skirt!! Very pretty! The yellow against your skin is gaw-gus!!

  2. Yellow is powerful on you. Love it!! In fact, I'm wearing yellow right now but it's my pj's. haha!

  3. The all yellow is refreshing, I like it.

  4. Girl you are rocking this yellow! It looks so great on you. And no you do not look like a banana, you look like a fab fashionista!!

    Love it <3

    1. i totally agree, Miss Dre...i banana wish it was as fly as she is!

  5. Oh I like this power punch of yellow colour on you! Stylish photos lady! I love those shoes! xo

  6. Well, HELLO SUNSHINE!!!!! You brighten my day... I like both looks especially the church gear!!!! And, the shoes are HAUTE!!!!

  7. That yellow is beautiful on you. I thought it was a brazilian travel ad at first. Beautiful!!




  8. Lovely outfits diva! I especially love how you rocked the gray printed pumps with the yellow top and pants.

  9. I love your sunshiny yeloow outfit!!! I love the pop of grey in the awesome shoes!

  10. you are just TOO fly for me miss! i LOVE this color on you. you rocked it at church and work. LOVE the shoes you wore to work tues!


  11. It doesn't hurt to stand out! I really like your shoes paired with your all yellow look...and the "melody" of necklaces with part II of this outfit is divine!

    On another note...I,too, have one of those hubands who likes to make connections between my outfit and some random item or cultural (or pop) reference. What to do with them?

  12. That was stand out, daring, over the top yellow! But you pulled it off like only you can. Was anybody else in the choir brave enough to do the same thing?

  13. Cute outfit! I love the all yellow look

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  14. You working this yellow girl! I love the last outfit especially the heels!

  15. You look so sunny and bright! :)


  16. I'm loving your yellow outfits, you look wonderful..I especially like the second look & your shoes are amazing!

  17. Loving this color, so bright and fun!!!

    Carsedra of:



  18. i just love yellow and gray - i dont know which outfit i love more - I think the pants are my fave. you look great! i want your shoes...they would be great for me in my closet...lol

  19. You do look like sunshine in this outfit. Gorgeous yellow. It's funny because my husband will sometimes have a totally different take on my look than I do. One day I thought I was looking pretty sexy and he likened me to Amelia Earhart. What!!!??? haha And another time I thought I was looking all rocker and he said I looked Nashville. ??? He has said these things as compliments...not knowing my idea of how I looked. But it's just funny that sometimes how we perceive ourselves can be so different from what someone else sees. Men! They just don't get it sometimes, do they? haha

  20. Wow, that's a good Wow!!! I think this is just so bold and on point.

  21. All of that yellow is just amazing. What great pants!

  22. I love the bright yellow! So summery and pretty! :)

    -Mary @ stylethatmoves.blogspot.com


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