Monday, May 21, 2012

Pinstriped Pants...2 Ways!

Happy Monday you guys!  I hope you had a great weekend.

I didn't get a chance to post last week and I was not happy about it! Life took precedent and you know how it have to roll with it.  It was all good stuff though...being a mommy, a wife and a supportive friend.  I was happy doing all those things but unhappy that I didn't get a chance to post.  All of you bloggers know what I mean.

One of my new favorite items in my closet is my thrifted white pinstriped pants.  They are so comfy and very versatile.  I wore these pants twice last week and here is how...

Yesterday, the Mr. and I had our monthly get together with our friends and our marriage support group.  As I mentioned before this entails good food, good conversation and boat loads of good laughs!  It is usually a very casual thing so I opted to put on my pinstriped pants and dress them down with my blinged out "Afro Diva" tee also seen here.

I decided to throw on my red canvas pumps for the pics because I may swap out my flats for pumps the next time I wear this outfit.

Saturday was not the first time I wore these pants this week.  I wore them to work on Wednesday and
I wanted to support a friend who had a gig Wednesday evening.  She is a beautiful vocalist and guest appears with a local jazz ensemble.  I wanted to wear something chic to work that I can easily transition from day to evening.  This is what I wore.

This is the evening version of this outfit.  What I did for the day is tie the drawstring tighter so that is did not fall off the shoulder....BAM!  I am such a genius!  (I hope you all read the sarcasm)
I apologize for not capturing the blouse with it tied tighter.

 Of course it wouldn't have been appropriate to be giving shoulder action in the office but it was definitely OK to do it during the night scene.  I am not one to really show to much flesh but I love giving some

Black and white mixed prints with a  lil pop of color!  My fave! :)

 Pants: Lane Bryant via Thrift Store  Blouse: K-Mart   Shoes: Nine West  Belt: Target

Since I last posted we lost some extraordinary folks to the music world.

Most of you are probably very familiar with Donna Summer.  She was our Disco Queen.  I am a seventies baby so I clearly recall hearing Disco on a regular in my house.  I even remember having one of my birthday parties at a kiddie disco and winning a dance contest.  I probably danced to a Donna Summer song.  My favorite Donna Summer song was Bad Girl  "toot toot ahh beep beep!"

Now Chuck...if you are not from the DMV (DC, MD, VA area) then your knowledge of Chuck is probably very limited if you have any at all.  Chuck Brown was the Godfather of the percussion driven Go-Go music.  If you are not familiar with Go-Go music let me remind you of Da Butt from Spike Lee's School Daze, Shake Your Thang by Salt N Pepa (which had a go go swing), Nelly's Hot in Herre sampled Chuck's break out single Bustin Loose (which also was used in a national Chips Ahoy commercial) and most recently Jill Scott did a duet with Chuck himself.  The song was called Love and got them a grammy nomination.  I am sure there's more but these were the few than came to mind.  Go-go music is an acquired taste...this is coming from someone who is not a native of the DMV.  I learned to love GoGo and Chuck Brown's way of infusing jazz into his music was one of the biggest reasons why.  Chuck Brown passed at 75 but he was still rocking out the crowds as of recent. To see him in concert was an experience!  My faves of his was his covers of Hoochie Coochie Man and Moody's Mood For Love.  Wind em up Chuck!

May Donna, the Queen of Disco and Chuck, the Godfather of GoGo rest in eternal peace!

Thank you all for visiting.
Stay fly and stay tuned!
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  1. my fave is the floral top!

  2. Nine to Fly?? I LOVE it!! You look so cute too. Love what you've done with your hair. I'm gonna follow!

  3. You are fabulous - that's all! Love your white pants and red shoes, and everything else.

  4. Tavia, I love your outfits!! And your skin is just beautiful! So warm, in coloring. Do you wear warm colors, too? I don't know if you like the deeper warm colors but you could wear them well. I am sad about Donna Summer. Used to sing Last Dance every time I went to karaoke on the weekends back in the day.

  5. Love these pants both ways! So fabulous.

  6. Look at you! Cuuute! I really like those pants & love how you styled them (both ways). Also...I love go-go music and I was brought up on house. But I'd take go-go anytime!

  7. Oh yeah... those are super CUTE pants .... wear them every day :)
    I found you on and thought I would stop by your blog and say hello! pippa

  8. Lookin' good--I love the transition from office to evening: show a little shoulder. It's amazing to think about the influence musicians can have on our lives. I was in my twenties during the 70s and have very distinct memories of dancing to Donna's music.

  9. Love both looks, like how you styled the pants for different occasions with the pop of color in each one. Great look.

    Have a great week.

  10. Really like these pants, very cute!!

    Yes 2 music greats are gone, I like Hoochie Coochie Man, Block Party and Bustin Loose by Chuck!!

    Carsedra of:

  11. Hey Tavia, I'm missing Donna. Can't believe it, her and Whitney in the same year!

    The pinstripe pants are great especially with the black and white floral top and pink shoes.

  12. Girl those pants are so fab! I like both outfits but that 2nd one with the floral top is fly!

  13. I’m digging both looks! I really like that BLING AFRO TEE! Also, I thought i told you to email me your address (again) please do... send me your address again hunni cause I have NO CLUE what I did with it.
    Email me:


  14. FABULOUS! I love em both ways but am partial to the pink belt and flowy top.

  15. You can never go wrong with a nice pair of pinstripes. They're so classy. And those Nine West pumps are fierce girl. I loves me some Nine West-all of their shoes are really comfy and classic.

  16. Eveming look has you sparkling girlie!!! Love it!

    E. Louise

  17. You always work it!!! And you have on the shirt I want!

  18. FIRECE!

  19. Love the print of that gorg off the shoulder blouse!

  20. I love, love those pants! And you styled them so nicely in both looks. Love your hair too! Super cute!


  21. i'm at a snail's pace easing my way into pattern/print mixing. love how you worked it out with the florals and stripes. and i'm really diggin' how you wear your clothes multiple times during the week...we have that and being frugal in common!


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