Thursday, April 26, 2012

Do You Know What Today Is?

It's Our Anniversary!

Pic heavy (although it is not as many as it appears to be because I collaged them)
and this post could possibly make you gag.
Please proceed with caution

Yep, today is Mr. & Mrs. T. Mac's anniversary!
insert applause here.

I decided to use this time to tell you our brief story and share a couple of our wedding pictures.
Part of the reason is because as a reader, I like to get an inside peek of a blogger every now and then beyond the fashion.  I try to do that just a little bit here.  Welp, today you guys will get a big dose of it.

*start violin music now*
Tony aka Mr. Mac aka Chocolate Tyger aka Gentle Giant aka Tonybear   ok ok... Tony and I started dating almost 10 years ago.  He came into my life at a difficult time when I was least expected and literally became my Tyler Perry type hero.  You know the dude in Tyler Perry movies who come in and save the day?  Yeah, that guy.  When we met I had an 11 month old baby and a 3 year old from a previous marriage and it didn't phase him.  He was 30, never been married and childless ready to settle down but I was obviously hestitant,  Just getting out of a not so good marriage will make you gun shy for a minute.  Long story short, it took me some time to get to where Tony was trying to go.  This wasn't my first rodeo and I wanted to be very very very sure and he was very  patient.   We finally got married April 26, 2010 on the beautiful Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman Islands.  All the positive cliches you can think of would apply.  I married my best friend, It was one of the best days of my life, He really makes me happy, etc etc.  One of the things I say all the time is that I am a complete mush for a good love story...real or fictitious and it is because of the complete state of happiness I am in. 

I LOVE love!

Here is collage of the beginning of this journey...a few pics from our engagement session

We had a great time doing this shoot and when Tony is getting on my last nerve, I look at these pics to get over it.   The engagement and wedding pics are always what the Love Dr. orders.

Here are a few of our wedding pictures.

To my Tony, you have been the best!!!  The best father.  A great example for our boys.  The best husband.  It is great to never question our relationship.  The best man.  You are not perfect nor am I but with God we are complete!  The best Triangle Offense ever! *wink* I pray that we will still feel the same way we felt the day we said I do and the way we feel today 50 years from now.  I have your back and I know you have mine!  Thank you for that!  I love you more than chicken and rice and a new pair of shoes!

Happy Anniversary Tonybear!!!

To all of my readers (if you survived)...
 Thank you for allowing me to deviate from the usual. 
I love ya for it!

Thanks for visiting
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Monday, April 23, 2012


Hey y'all!

It's Monday morning and I survived the weekend.  I say survived because I woke up Saturday morning with pink eye.  WHATINDAWORLD?!? My eye was swollen and sealed shut. Ewwwwww, lol.   Well...long story short, I had to cancel all my weekend plans and pretty much quarantined myself so that I wouldn't infect anyone else.  Several medicated eye drops later and a clean DVR, I am good now.

*side note*  I am feeling Kerry Washington's new show "Scandal"
Olivia Pope & Associates are it!

OK, this picture is one of a few pics I took during a shoot a couple of weeks ago but ask me where the rest of the pictures are.  Actually don't ask.  I lost them.  I have this one because I emailed it to myself.  I was going to use it in a preview picture.  The rest of them are GHOST!  I decided to post the lone pic because you can get the gist of the outfit in this one pic.

This outfit consists of  neon pink jeans, color blocked with yellow and blue paired with a white tank (aka wife beater) and blazer.  What you can barely see is the blazer has the cool pattern of a blue, pink and yellow plaid in it.  I thought it was too fun of a fit too waste and not blog.  What do you guys think?

Blazer and Jeans: Thrifted
Random white tank
Yellow belt:  Rainbow
Shoes: Dollhouse Jewella
Purse:  Charming Charlie
Purse & shoes also seen in previous post here
Click if you want to see a better pic of the shoes.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Floral & Stripes

Happy Friday Fashion Friends!

Just a quick post today.  I have a few things going on this weekend so hopefully I will be good blogger and wear things worth posting later on.  Today I was supposed to do a print mixing lesson but I did not prepare my lesson. I wanted to use examples from some of my favorite bloggers but I didn't take the time to find the pictures needed.  I will do it soon.  Until then here is an outfit that I rocked to work earlier this week that incorporates the floral and stripes trend.

Have you guys noticed how I am putting good use to my striped tank? 
I am gonna get another one because I love it and it is definitely a staple in my wardrobe.

Linen Jacket: Walmart (had it FOREVER)    Floral A line skirt:  Thrifted    Striped tank: H&M 
Shoes: Michael Antonio 'Taini' via Hautelook   Watch: Tony's Fossil   Random accessories

You can tell when I do after work photo shoots...I don't have but a few pics because I am too tired to be out there too long. lol.

I hope you all have a great weekend!
Thanks for stopping by.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Operation Relax & Refresh

Happy Hump Day Lovely People!

Today I am sharing my pics from Operation Relax & vacation.  This post is more picture heavy than my usual posts so beware.  Although it is more pics than a usual post, I found that I was too busy relaxing to pull out my camera most of the trip.  So unfortunately, I only have a few pictures from inside the ship and I didn't take real advantage of the camera while at ports.  Also, these pictures are not to focus on outfits per se but to document the trip.  So, I hope you enjoy them anyway.

Me looking back at the ship as we tender to shore at the port of Grand Cayman

This place has a special place in our hearts because it is where the Mr. and I tied the knot. 
On our actual anniversary next week, I will share a couple of our wedding pics.

Beach side...staring at these clear waters can never get old.

Vacation toes!  
Sandals: BCBGirls via Off Broadway
The Mr. stood behind the lens begrudgingly because this guy tried to steal me away from  You know how them locals do.  He was trying to help me get my groove back even though I never lost it! Heh.

 Linen Pants: Ashley Stewart via thrift store  Aqua tank: Target   Striped tank: H&M 
Purse: Guess (purchased on the ship)

 Just before getting back on the ship...bye Cayman Islands!  Until next time.

After dinner in the comedy club on the ship
Dress: Ashley Stewart      Shoes: Anne Michelle via Barefeet Shoes

 Me and my chocolate Tyger!

 In front of the Rex nightclub on the ship. 
UGH! These pics do no justice for this dress...please trust me, it looks better in person.
Hello Cozumel!

 Maxi dress: Old Navy  Tank: Target
You can't see my footwear but I had on bejeweled Skechers flip flops.  Can I just tell you it is like walking on pillows!

'Him' so silly!  He keeps me laughing :)

After a mid day nap!  Those mid day naps are the bestest!!!


One of my favorite things about cruising is coming back to the cabin
and finding these adorable creatures.  I thought I took pics of the others. 
This time an Elephant and a Seal visited us along with this relaxing bunny. I mentioned before this was cruise number one of two this year and Tony and I decided this one would be the relaxing cruise because the next one will be the party cruise.  There will be a "boatload" of us going celebrating different milestones. One of those milestones is Tony turning 40!  So we will have no time to rest we will be getting it in!  So this is why we decided on Operation Relax and Refresh.  We literally just threw stuff into the suitcases with very little thought and set out with the task of vegging out as much as possible. 


Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed.
I think my next post will be Print Mixing 101
(not that I am an expert)
 Stay fly and stay tuned!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Khaki & Denim Pt. Deux

Heyyyyy y'all...I'm baaaaack!!!
Just back from cruise #1 of 2 for the year.
I am refreshed and revived and missed blogging.

Because I didn't want to rack up a large bill due to international roaming
I shut my phone off and LOVED it!  I did not get online for a week and it wasn't too bad.

I have just a few pics from my trip to share with you all and I will do that later this week.  As for today's featured outfit, I wore this Saturday to my girlfriend's annual "La Petite Soiree".  This an intimate event where the gals get together and we have really good finger foods and even better cocktails.   It makes for good laughs and good times when you get some tipsy cacklin' ladies together.

So, its...Khaki & Denim part deux.  In my previous post I had another version of khaki and denim.  Please check it out if you haven't already.

I am not a big fan of the harem style pants because I don't think they flatter me but I wear them anyway.
Do you all have those things you like but do not like you and you don't care? 
I have several foods in that category

Jacket: Target            Harem pants & Wrap Blouse: Ashley Stewart 
Shoes: Extreme by Eddie Marc via Hautelook           Purse: Shoe Dazzle

Thanks for stopping by...
I look forward to stopping by you all's blogs to catch up!
Stay fly and stay tuned!
I'm Mingling!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Khaki & Denim

Hey beautiful people!

What have you all been up to?  This past weekend was a girl's get away.  Another friend of mine turned 40 and had a birthday party in her hometown of Norfolk, VA.  So we drove down from the DMV.  I am mentioning it only to tell you I suck!  I got all glammed up for the soiree and didn't take any pics of my own! 
Who does that?!? ohhhh welll...

Moving on...April greetings to you all!   Can you believe it is April already?!?  I mean it seems the new year turned over just yesterday and here we are in April.  Well, I tell you better start living now if you haven't started because life is too short!  It will pass you by if you are not careful.

April is a one of the special months for me because it is the month my husband and I celebrate our anniversary.  In fact this will probably be the last post until sometime after 13th as we will be celebrating our anniversary a little early (the 26th is our actual anniversary) by cruising the Caribbean!

Woooooooo to the Hoooooo!!!  Can we say "READYYYYY"?!?

Alright today's featured outfit is what I'd like to think is a Saturday lunch and shopping fit.  Maybe because of the comfy cargo khakis and then dressing it up a bit with the flowy wrap blouse.

The bag is one I recently won from Shapely Louise's giveaway.  Isn't it cute!  Thanks, girlie!

Shoes: Extreme by Eddie Marc via Hautelook
Cargo Khakis: Ashley Stewart  Denim Jacket: Lane Bryant (about 13 years old)  Wrap Blouse: Bandolino via K&G
Studded cuff: Target and Random accessories

Thank you all for visiting.
I will see you all late next week.
Stay fly and stay tuned!